Thursday, November 20, 2014

Good fortune.

As seen in yesterday's post, we got very lucky with kind coworkers and a bit lot of warm clothes for little babe...working in my school is such a nice thing for a new parent because there are tons of young families and things get passed around here and there.

We also just got a coat for babe-o {an actual new purchase} because we kept getting scolded by our daycare lady for Hanna's fleece coat not being enough in the recent weather...I just washed and dried it but haven't gotten it out of the dryer yet so hopefully the washing was OK and didn't ruin it or anything.

In other banal news, there was a raffle at school today for a fundraiser and we didn't win {womp womp}, then there was another raffle for pie put on by the parent association and I again didn't win {womp womp womp womp}. Raffles are my only approved form of gambling and I totally love a good raffle and the best part of today's disappointment is that though the parent association was raffling off pies, they still brought in a slew for us teachers to snack on during the day - everyone's a winner!!

Let's get to the good better side of Friday and have a great weekend!
xoxo, natty ♥


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