Tuesday, November 25, 2014

36 weeks!

Hanna Lu is having her first set of holidays and not even realizing it! What else about baby Melamed...
Jazz hands!
  • She is pulling herself up on anything and everything and will even take a few wobbly steps.
  • Loves her daycare provider and will sometimes not reach out to me if she's being held by her; I find this glorious and not sad at all because it's a humongous blessing to have someone with whom we can trust our daughter and whom our baby so obviously loves.
  • Doesn't like babyfood as much as she used to but is loving on her rice cereal again, though she'll do just fine with the food mixed with her rice cereal. She seems to eat best if we feed her, though, since she's super slow when feeding herself. I think we're destined to have a life-long picky eater...she seriously has never been that into it. This is funny considering how much her parents love food.
  • Is hand/knee crawling everywhere.
  • Is very curious about our bookshelf and tries to get up into it several times a day.
  • Has her very first Christmas dress ordered.
  • Inherited a ton of hand-me-downs from a daycare friend and is looking quite chic in them all.
  • Babbles a ton and just the past few days has been really into saying "uhhh DA. DA. DA. DA. DA."
  • Still says "hi" {"ahhhhhhh"} and waves and  she's started a two-handed wave though it could very well be her attempt and clapping which we've been trying to teach her and which she loves.
  • Enjoys her bath but this week has been trying to climb up/stand up and we have to firmly tell her "no" and sit her down again.
    Has taken to biting her mother whilest being fed. They haven't been super hard chomps but it's not pleasant. I'm doing what I read should be done and saying something ridiculous like "I see you don't want to nurse anymore, let's take a break" and giving her a minute break or so. I don't think this means we have to stop, I just need to be aware of when she's bored/done which can be difficult since she's such an on/off eater and I've always just kept putting her back on in an effort to get her to keep going. It didn't happen today so that's good.
  • Will celebrate her first Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania later this week, weather god willing, and we're so happy to do so!!

And one for the road.
xoxo, natty ♥


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