Monday, November 24, 2014


I'm very fortunate to have this whole week off from school/work so...

1. I've been enjoying this sight ever since the first week of November.
I sincerely love it, though I"m not sure why. I think it's poignant? I've been thinking all along I'd love to take a really nice picture of it but it's on my way home and at that point of the day I'm soooooo on my way outta Dodge that pulling over for a shot, however meaningful in some abstract way it might be, isn't on my agenda. But today, I took in our baby to daycare which is way the heck up by where I work and my leisurely morning sans bebe meant I could drive along side this view and get a few phone pictures.

2. I took our baby to daycare today. I hadn't been in our apartment without her except for once when Michael took her for a walk whilest I napped and though we missed her it was liberating to get some stuff done and not worry about her.

3. Speaking of that daycare lady, we are SUPER fortunate that our baby loves this woman and that she takes such sweet care of the little nugget.

4. Vacation! 

5. We get to see Ellie later this week!!!

6. This paw.
I love this paw.

How YOU doing Reader??
xoxo, natty ♥


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