Tuesday, November 11, 2014

34 weeks!

The weeks is barreling ahead, as it usually does, and Hanna Lu is 34 weeks old...let's see what's up!
A pensive one for this week; her bruise is hiding right below the hair bow.bab
  • She's still waving a ton and saying "ahhhhhh" as "hi".
  • She's very intrigued by us clapping and seems like she might want to do so as well.
  • Is loving baby food; I had these grand ambitions of "Baby Led Weaning" {look it up if you're curious} as a means to introduce regular table food to our baby instead of dealing with purees and after trying some store-bought baby food last week we realized it was a hit. Maybe she just likes the quickness of it all {she's not super efficient at eating regular food}? The texture? I would at least like to actually make some and have a big pureeing session sometime soon since it's so easy to make and freeze the stuff but for now it's just the pouches and jars we buy.
  • Is trying so hard to stand/sit up on her own and she does so quite well. If she doesn't have much to grab onto to pull herself up then Hanna will just get onto her knees and sit there like that. 
  • Crawls and tries to climb up on just about anything.
  • Discovered this muscle rolling "stick" we have and tries to wave it around like some deranged group leader.
  • She also figured out how to stand up on her own in her crib...that was on Saturday and since then she's been standing most times when she lets us know she's awake.
  • HL has actually been a lot more active in her crib this week and even gave herself a gnarly forehead bruise by crawling and propelling herself forward straight into the railings in her crib. Our kind daycare lady made a mention of the bruise to us and we both realized we probably should've told her when we dropped off the baby...first time parents here!
  • She is still so snotty and I'm wondering if maybe she got another cold or just never got rid of that first one but either way we're hoping for less congestion soon.
  • This kid is amazing and wonderful and we just can't get enough!
xoxo, natty ♥


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