Monday, November 17, 2014

Today was awesome.

Pertaining to yesterday's was awesome. It had challenging and tiring parts to it but it was a day with my family and that's enough. And the best part is that tomorrow is the same. Truly, that attitude of mine can be a powerful tool and I don't wield it in the most productive of manners; this is a lesson I struggle with on the daily.

More things?

!. After much delaying {and dinero}, we got our car registered here; Maryland does not this an easy process make.
But at least the DMV was relatively quick, low on expletives, and had friendly employees.

@. With such a busy and coordinated afternoon this
was in order. Thank goodness for delivery.

#. It's looking like I might have all of next week off - now that's a reason to give thanks. Several of those days might be taken up with doctor's appointments considering it's time off and I've already used more sick days {for me and baby} this year than ever in my life but it's still a week where no alarm clock shall be set.

$. There was also oreo cookie ice cream on the menu tonight.

%. A Happy Birthday to a dear friend I left back in California; I hope that today was lovely in many ways!!!! And due to the delights of leap years and calendars, your birthday won't have to be on a Monday again until 2025!

&. That's a good guy I got hitched to and an amazing father to our little girl, says a grateful wife.

How's your week going Reader? Well and hopefully warming up a bit I hope!
xoxo, natty ♥


Kathy said...

ah! I got a mention in your blog :) Thanks!!

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