Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dinner and flies.

We had a great dinner with my dad tonight {grilled salmon!}.
There were dachshunds acting like big babies everywhere.

And meanwhile my loving husband is battling what's become a major issue {only in the past week though} in our apartment back in DC; flies.

He's been killing at least 30 or so every afternoon when he returns from work and they seem to regenerate by the time he gets home the next afternoon. All of the windows are seemingly secured and we are totally confounded; where in the world are these coming from? The kitchen sink's drain? Thin air?

Maybe they'll be gone by Sunday morning when I get home. I know that no matter what, though, I'll be glad to see my better half and our scrappy little dog.
xoxo, natty ❤


E. Strand said...

I wish Andrew could be there to help... he is good at tracking flies... haha. love the pics! please say hi to your dad from me!!!

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