Thursday, August 15, 2013


Dear Becs mentioned it earlier today and I had been thinking about it a bit this summer : it's been a decade of knowing, loving, and being friends with three special girls that I met in pre-season of cross country at the start of our sophomore year of college {there I go dating myself}.
They've helped me get ready for lots of things.
It's been such a fun time having these friendships as a part of my life and I'm so grateful for them.
Let's not forget Florida and Carlisle.
After thinking about it all afternoon, I wanted to take it here and ruminate a bit, though not too seriously, I'll save that for when all four of us get together next month for a  very special wedding.
I'm so happy to know and I'm a much better person for knowing these three souls. They've brightened my days and nights and made me laugh and run miles and miles with me. 
As a major tangent, Emily has run the most miles with me, I think, though she was the superior runner in college, from what I can remember we ended up doing a fair amount of our training {except for track! Me no likey 800s...} together. 
"Substitute Teacher".
Each of my friends is very significant and special to me and signifies different and many of the same {shared} memories that are oh-so-memorable.
There's one of me and Becs from this weekend but I love how cute she is here!!!
Here's to another ten years and a happy friendiversary friends, I love you each so much.
xoxo, natty ♥


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