Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cabin fever.

Thankfully it will be nice outside soon {yes?} because after two days of pre-baby-maternity leave, I'm ready to get out. 


They were snow days which means that driving was out.

It was COLD and icy which means that walking most places wasn't the best idea.

Mikey, even though he was home with me, has been pretty sick so he hasn't been motivated to do much beyond laze around.

I've had plenty to do around our home so it's actually been good to be here and get it taken care of but I'm ready to get out and do something. I think tomorrow's agenda will include a trip to a store.

And maybe a walk.

Anything is an improvement over only taking out the dog.

And in some other temperature related news, the prediction for peak cherry blossoms is slated for sometime in early/mid-April.
So happy times are on their way! By that time I think/hope our little one will be big enough to go for a nice long walk down to the tidal basin {just about 1.5 miles}.
xoxo, natty ♥


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