Monday, March 31, 2014

Pretty little things.

It's been a few weeks since I've ruminated on the positive going-ons in my life so I'm raring to go, though I can't promise eloquence since I only have a few minutes to get this down so let's get going!

1. My mother-in-law has been with us helping since last Wednesday and we are SO grateful. It would've been a long and really challenging week without her...thank you more than we can really say dear mother-in-law!

2. There are some beautiful daffodils in my apartment.
And there had been a yummy fruit arrangement in that green thing prior to the posies.
3. There was a beautifully wrapped gift outside our door tonight...hurrah for surprise baby gifts in pretty colors!
4. There's a baby up in hurr. She might scream a bit and require 120% of our time and attention but we're smitten. And we're learning things, boy are we ever. Learning is a really good thing and when she's going through a fussy time of day it's hard to remember just how great it is to be picking up all these new skills but we are, whether we realize it or not, and it's wonderful. Plus she's cute.

5. I'm not in the hospital. A week ago I was. That is certainly marvelous/stupendous/momentous/fabulous...

I hope that you're doing well wherever you are dear Reader, muddling through as we are, hunkering down, soaring through obstacles - wherever you may be.

xoxo, natty ♥


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