Saturday, March 8, 2014

Maybe this was our last Saturday?

We are still parents-to-be and doing very well at it. I'm feeling antsy but physically doing extremely well and enjoying time with just my husband. 

Today we actually celebrated parenthood with some sweet friends and their five-month-old whom we met for the first time. They are in town for the weekend and it just worked out perfectly to have a nice lunch/catch-up time with them and then a walk around our neighborhood. The walk, though super pleasant because it was beautiful outside today, wasn't very relaxing because we veered off into a busy area when we could've stayed on some quieter streets. But oh well, we had great company and, again, the weather was delightful.

Tomorrow brings some more friends and maybe a bit more nesting {although at this point it's more like re-nesting}...and a drastic cool-down from today {womp} {but then it warms up again on Monday?} but it's lion/lamb weather so it's OK.

OH! And I just remembered, that car seat finally got installed and I even took it to the police department to have it inspected - we got a certificate! #winningatparenthood
xoxo, natty ♥


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