Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One week {& a wee little day}.

Pardon the second post in one day but I'm trying to catch up a bit.

So we’re technically at a week and one little day old. Thanks to all the health setbacks {a really bad infection [including an104 degrees fever] that landed me back in the hospital two days after we got home; I just got home for good [hopefully]} I’ve been experiencing I haven’t been able to document things when/the way I’d like to but for now I have a few minutes; yippee!!

Anyway, I’d like to do these little statistics weekly for Hanna Lucy’s first month of life and then once a month or so afterwards, though I’m aiming to have a weekly picture in the same outfit to check out her growth visually. It’s so good to be home and we’re all hoping and praying to everything/one out there that I continue to get better and can be home with our little one. And what a stinker, she wouldn’t even look at the camera! So I’ll include a face shot and next week we’ll see if we can get her to look at the lens.
Let's see her face!
Ignore the odd lighting...we were in the hospital still and it was just a bit yellowy.
How old: 1 week old

Weight: it was 9 pounds 5 ounces last Friday and if I get my druthers later I’ll do an un-scientific weighing of me then me holding her. But let’s say/hope more than 9.5 ounces and less than her birth weight of 9 pounds 13 ounces.

·      Nursing/eating.
·      Sucking; this reflex came out strong in our little one. A finger will do the job for a few minutes but then she soon realizes she’s not getting what she really wants. Since I was in the hospital and we were trying to stretch the milk I was pumping we gave her a pacifier a bit and apparently that went over quite well.
·      Her daddy.
·      Being held – this is a hard one because we can’t possible hold her all the time, can we?
·      Being warm.
·      Driving.

·      Being hungry.
·      Being cold.
·      Not being held.
·      Sleeping between midnight and six AM.

·      Though it wasn’t for her, Hanna Lucy had her first ER visit…yuck.
·      She met two sets of grandparents and one of her uncles…such love!
·      She was born!
·      She met Guinness…he’s a bit more interested than she for now.

Sleep and eat:
·      Every three hours or so…I have to wake her. Me feeding her helps to keep fevers at bay so this is especially important.
·      She started sleeping better after my milk came in on Friday.
·      She sleeps best when held, though she has had some good stretches on her own.
·      We try to swaddle her for sleeping which seems to be better than not…too many of those infant arm spasms.
·      We’ve also tried a little sound machine {thanks to “The Happiest Baby on the Block”} but it doesn’t seem to help too much; perhaps when we’re a bit more stable we can start experimenting. 

·      This has been such a horrible past few days and I’m really looking forward to feeling better; Michael has been such an amazing husband and our parents have supported us in ways that aren’t surprising at all but it just fills my heart so much to know how loved we all are.

xoxo, natty ♥


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