Monday, March 3, 2014

Thoughts in a crummy weather week.

The first day of my maternity leave was technically a school closure day - it began with a walloping of ice very early this morning followed by heavy snow. 

And that ice remains covered by inches of snow out there resulting in a second day of school's so weird to not be working but not yet kept busy with a small human being; I totally have my feet in both worlds.

In other news...

1. I've loved pregnancy. I'll say it proudly and with the almost certain prescience that any further pregnancies will probably be riddled with weeks of morning sickness and other ills of the condition but for now, I'm really trying to savor my last days. I was never sick, never too achy, and the worst has just been from being on my feet and driving for two hours a day. I've been mentally conjuring up a list of things I'll miss about these three trimesters that I'll try to get down in the coming days.

2. Speaking of being in the car, I'm DONE with my horrid commute. This drive has made me kind of an angry person and I really don't like that. I've also come to resent Washington, DC, and parts of Maryland for the sheer facts that there are so many people here {& on the roads} and the roads are bad and people are crazy get the picture. We will be moving somewhere in Maryland this summer {which will cut this drive in half, thankfully} so that when I'm back at work, things will be better, driving-wise.

3. Michael and I took advantage of today's sequestration and started that last part of Breaking Bad's final season. The poor husband of mine is actually pretty sick so we'll most likely continue down this binge-Netflixing road tomorrow. And it's good; it had been so long since we've gotten into a TV drama and been able to race through the episodes in what I feel is kind of a soul-less manner. Soul-less but really enjoyable.

4. Hopefully said husband is over the worst of what he has so that he can be healthy when we have our first child. Which could happen any day now. Which is so weird, it totally won't sink in until we bring her home, I suppose.

5. Related to our first born's pending arrival, Michael's parents are coming next week to visit and meet her {she's got one week to get here before they do!}; we've been so excited about their visit and then my dad and step-mom's visit the following weekend and looking forward to it all and now the time's coming rather quickly!

How are you doing this first week of March Reader? Sniced {snow + ice} in like we are? Be well!!
xoxo, natty ♥


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