Thursday, March 6, 2014

Geared up.

Except for our horribly belated/delayed car seat installation {it hasn't happened yet}, we have our baby paraphernalia all set up.

Tonight, in between Seinfeld and Rocky III {IV is on the docket for tomorrow}, we assembled both of our strollers {one's smaller and less bulky}.

Then we tried Guinness in one.

Also, our cloth diapers are all laundered and stuffed and ready to be used, though the little one won't be big enough for a few weeks.

There are other things done and some that still need to get done {see: car seat} but we're feeling naïvely ready for this baby. It's good enough timing considering tomorrow is my due date.

And something else we're ready for? Warmer weather - today's highs were in the 30s; bring on spring please!
xoxo, natty


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