Saturday, April 19, 2014

His voice.

I'm still taking full advantage of my amazing stepmom and grabbing moments here and there. A big thing I need to work on as a new mom is relaxation and some self-care...if I can't take care of myself then poor baby! And today's incarnation is the Tom Petty P@ndora station and some headphones. Ugh, I love Tom Petty.

In other news, our hot water heater is officially replaced; woo hoo! The poor thing had been struggling for several months now and what with being at the end of my pregnancy/having family in town/having a baby/getting horribly ill/having a  newborn to care for, it didn't get the attention it deserved until just now. Our dishes hadn't been as clean and showers were nowhere near as long as they could be. In fact, a big plan of mine for my labor {before it took an entire weekend plus a day and wasn't progressing...} was to do so in a hot shower here at home before transitioning to the birth center. Our hot water lasted about ten minutes up until last night so that plan went out the window. We can also start cloth diapering {because I need something else with which to preoccupy myself these days} since prior the washer wouldn't have been hot enough to do the job well enough.

Do you feel wonderful when you get household things taken care of Reader? I {acceptingly} imagine this feeling won't be coming too often for yours truly these days, what with some far more important {& adorable!} work taking precedence.

Happy weekend!
xoxo, natty ♥


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