Monday, April 7, 2014

Urban herding.

It's a rainy Monday here that will hopefully be turning into a sunny Tuesday that will also hopefully segue into some cherry blossoms later this week so that is a Good Thing...and some more:

1. I don't do F@cebook but I will browse it every once in a while. 

This morning I came across this ad; please note "urban herding"
This makes me so happy on so many dog-loving levels but, really, seriously, what is urban herding? 

Any enlightenment from the universe would be appreciated.

2. My step-mom is coming back to DC to help us tomorrow; sweet mercy thank you so much step-mom!

3. An extremely sweet and thoughtful friend brought us lunch, dinner, flowers, and a gift for baby girl today; we are so loved and we appreciate it all more than we can communicate.

4. Speaking of that child of ours, who's currently on nap # bajillion of the day so hopefully she sleeps some tonight, she received her very own social security card today. Now she has an official identity. And can retire.

5. We also received a summary of what the hospital is charging for our stays there; we are BEYOND grateful for our health insurance.

What's nice about your day today reader? At least something small I hope.

xoxo, natty


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