Monday, April 14, 2014

Free time, when I can get it.

I"m very much so still taking things very easy around here, mentally and physically. But there are still highlihgts of the day!!

1. Despite trying to be low-key, I made it to Target today; I had been wanting/"needing" to go for weeks and finally made it thanks to our wonderful and selfless Lola {my step-mom}/babysitter.

2. I finally started watching the new season of Call the Midwife. I feel as though some people get in a lot of TV watching when they're on maternity leave; maybe because I have way too much on my mind health-wise {EVERYTHING means something to me now} but I also feel like I get maybe 30 minutes maximum of time in which to do nothing.
Look at sister Monica Joan!
I started recording the season after the first episode aired so I watched it on my computer in several parts/naps...

3. Speaking of, my step-mom has really been making our lives so much easier. She takes the best care of us and though we would have been OK without her, my most recent health issues and ER visit would've been much more challenging than they were. Thank you Lola, we adore you.

4. We saw THIS on a commercial for the circus.
Those are three poodles, in case you can't tell. I'm having a hard time figuring out how small the white one must be because dogs cannot be as massive as the black ones appear to be.

5. We knew this before s%$# went down for the first time several weeks ago but after this past weekend it's just been so much more in the forefront of our minds that our family and friends are simply the best. We feel so loved and cared for and the warmth and thoughtfulness of everyone helps to buoy our spirits and get us through the days and nights. We are extremely blessed.

I hope your health is good, my dear friends, and that it's a beautiful spring week wherever you're at!
xoxo, natty


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