Friday, April 18, 2014

One month old.

We got these fun stickers and headbands from a friend...what a generous and cute gift for a new mom! 
Someone wouldn't stretch out her legs.
Happy one month Hanna Lu! What a month it’s been with my health adventures…baby girl has adjusted really well and done beautifully.

She’s a very alert baby, holding eye contact for a long time and she’ll even follow something as it goes past her eyes.

She’s not the longest eater…I might have some issues with my milk supply {too much too fast} that make it tough for her and possibly give her a bit of reflux so hopefully she can adjust/grow out of this.

Hanna had a good week of morning/afternoon naps and then the past few days has been on strike. She’ll also have a fussy period from about 7 PM to midnight. This is tough and HL’s daddy really takes over at this time, which is awesome. She’ll have a good stretch of sleep at the beginning of her night, whenever it begins, and then maybe another good stretch of sleep, and then the last sleep before “getting up” for the morning isn’t that great. I’m wondering if her fidgety sleep is reflux/digestion related?

Hanna Lu is creeping up on a pound heavier than when she was born and definitely is too big for her newborn clothes. She’s a wee small for some 0 to 3 month clothes but not for all so that’s what she’s mostly in these days.

It seems like she can almost roll over but it could be her arching her back from tummy troubles…

We love this little girl oh so very much and can’t wait to see what she’s up to in the next month.

xoxo, natty ♥


E. Strand said...

hi sweet little Hanna Bear! I love you!!!!!!

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