Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2 weeks.

So we’re officially on our own; my mother-in-law left us this morning. We are so, so grateful for her time and help here and hopefully we can pull this off just the three of us now. Let’s look at some statistics!
Looking concerned.
How old: 2 weeks old

Weight: Hanna Lu has been in kind of a weird eating pattern the past few days. On Friday she weighed 10 pounds even and then this morning she was about 10 pounds two or three ounces. Her doctor said that’s OK but to keep an eye on her eating in the next few days. Hopefully she just had a weird patch.

·      Being held.
·      Staring at me and other people who are holding her.
·      Arm exercises, though she doesn’t love them for long, they certainly keep her entertained for about 10 minutes; we open her arms slowly and then close them – very strenuous!

·      Eating? She’s eating a bit less frequently and for not as long which worries me but I know the best course of action is to relax and let her figure out things.
·      Despite the first point, she doesn't like being hungry.
·      Being cold.
·      Not being held.
·      The time period between 9 PM and 1:30 AM…this is definitely her witching hour and requires a lot of holding/bouncing/walking/soothing.

·      Little girl is wearing size 1 diapers…when we get our hot water heater fixed and we’re feeling up to constant laundry, then we’ll start with cloth diapers but for now it’s size 1!

Sleep and eat:
·      As I mentioned, HL is seeming to not eat as much during feedings and will go a bit longer in between them…maybe she’s over stimulated? Hopefully this will resolve itself because we need our good eater to come back.
·      She’ll sleep for several hours at a time, which is glorious. But I feel like each stage is tenuous so who knows?

·      This little girl is a noisy sleeper! She grunts and fusses while she’s sawing zzzs and it’s very cute but also kind of hard to ignore.
·      What color will her eyes be? They’re still that newborn-could-be-anything color.
·      Also, what color will her hair be? I’m guessing, according to what she has, it will be light brown but I see some very light undertones here and there.
·      Wish us continued luck as we go down this parenting road!

xoxo, natty ♥


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