Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rare snippets.

My step-mom is oh-so-graciously visiting and taking care of us for a  week and because of that I just washed my hair for the first time in a long time.

Most days, with a three-week old infant, I feel like I'm grabbing at straws and strapped to the couch because she only naps well on a human body. Granted, I have two extra hands helping us right now and I just read a little article on how some newborns receive too little love because their parents are stressed/busy/preoccupied with other life issues, but I feel so lucky to have this little one in our care and part of our new family. She's just so beautiful to me and I think {hope!} I'm emerging from the fog that is the First Few Weeks that was made even thicker by my horrible return to the hospital two days after we got home - getting out of that haze of trying to survive I'm finally sensing glimmers of the gratefulness I feel considering how much I had wanted this child and to stay home with her and watch her grow, if only until August 15th or so.

I'm still a bundle of hormones and it doesn't hurt one bit that the blessed little one is currently napping for longer on her own during the day than she ever has, plus the extra hands giving me some respite, so suffice it to say that I don't anticipate waxing this poetic or even having the time to do it come a week from now when we're back on our own, but it feels good to have some solid positive and confident feelings {& a longer shower} even if they last for only an hour.

Wrapping this up, I think the baby universe can and will toss us rightly on our heads many times over from here on out which is why keeping a good sense of humility and humor will do us I suppose our Go0gle searches of cat GIFs, Jimmy Fallon videos, and Cosby parenting sketches will increase. And that's not a bad thing.
xoxo, natty ♥


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