Tuesday, October 7, 2014

29 weeks.

Woah WHAT a week for little bit...let's see:
We took and left our usual quilt at daycare; a mistake not to be repeated.
  • had another set of travel experiences in the air! Baby Lu is not as easy to fly with as she was; she's way more alert now and into her surroundings which makes it challenging to get her to sleep. She's super squirmy and curious about everything and doesn't want to turn off. When she did realize how tired she was, I think she was having a hard time because she normally sleeps on her tummy and obviously couldn't do so on the plane. But we made it and we're home and hopefully the time difference irons itself out later this week {last night's sleep was rough and there has been crying tonight – something we hadn’t seen since we first began teaching the babe how to sleep way back in July}.
  • went to her second wedding! She didn't dance at this one either and she actually changed into her pajamas for the reception and slept for a portion in her stroller ...what a funny baby.
  • visited the beach for the second time and even took a nap in the sand.
  • watched beach soccer.
  • got to see her loving California family; they were so excited and so was the baby!
  • we're babbling!! Alluvasudden on Thursday {October 2nd for posterity's sake} the kid let loose with a "dadadada..." and she hasn't stopped since. I've also heard some "la/le" in there as far as other new consonant sounds.
  • and did I mention the tooth?!?! After much curiosity, we finally have the tip of a tooth breaking through on Hanna Lu's bottom left. I found out the hard way. I think I had noticed a bit of increased drool as well as some biting down on things but I thought nothing of it until I truly noticed it while Hanna was having a snack on the plane.
  • started a new daycare; unfortunately our new situation had to close {no bad reasons, thank goodness} and through a series of fortuitous events and really kind coworkers, we have a new situation even closer to where I work. Today was the first day since we were still traveling yesterday so hopefully Hanna Lu isn't too discombobulated after all this craziness.
  • crawling crawling crawling! Hanna Lu is up on her hands and knees for about 50% of the time she spends crawling {the other half is army crawling}, but while up on those hands and knees, she can’t quite coordinate the traditional movement so we see her move with her hands and kind of pull her legs forward.
  • lots of face and hand grabbing; when we were sharing a bed over the weekend Hanna just wanted to hold a face or hand while she slept. This is majorly adorable and it makes it extremely heartbreaking to let her cry while she falls asleep again but she had gotten into such a great sleep habit that moving into bed with us is not a good idea since she sleeps there pretty poorly compared to on her own {same for mom and dad}; vacations are fun but this has been a very challenging transition back.
  • is pretty curious; I’m including a shot of her grabbing the camera cord during her shoot today and not letting go.

So curious.
Here's to another great week with our beautiful daughter...as well as to some more quiet times in the days ahead!


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