Tuesday, October 28, 2014

32 weeks!

Only 20 more of these updates to go! Tonight we're pretending there's not a nerve-wracking World Series game on right now and focus on this little girl! This was a fun week! Hanna Lu is...
A serious one because our Giants cause us consternation.
  • Hopefully feeling much better after getting over her first cold. She sidestepped a high fever which one of her little peers got {I work with the moms of two of Hanna's "classmates"}.
  • But is maybe teething again? We see/feel nothing up top {which is supposed to be where the next ones come in} but there's the drool like before and she's majorly into chewing on things like before too, not to mentioned some disturbed sleep and fussiness...
  • Is eating a bit less...womp womp. I was thinking maybe she wasn't super hungry after her cold but who ever knows with this baby and her eating. I do know that milk comes home with her each day. But, she is still enjoying eating actual food; sweet potatoes are the favorite though this week she's been really into bell pepper and cucumber. We'll have some more chicken later this week hopefully as well as some toast and perhaps a bit of yogurt. The "puffs" I give her are very appreciated as well.
  • Is now a tummy bather -who does that??- she starts sitting and then I put her on her back to get her cleaned up a bit more. This lasts for less than a minute before she turns right over to splash and crawl around. we're not a fan of this since it's too slippery for her to stay steady but goodness gracious she's not happy to be put back on her back. The other big problem of this whole "on the tummy" thing is that she'll open her mouth and dip down, letting the water get in and she laps it up. 
  • Isn't moving quite as quickly with her crawling because she's trying too hard to get up on her feet {which creates a bit of a downward facing dog pose} or bending one leg and kinda trying to sit.
  • Skipped her late afternoon nap tonight and was a WRECK at bedtime...it's kind of a rush to pick her up and get home so she can rest a bit {in bed by 5-ish}; she'll sleep for about an hour and then we do the whole bedtime routine. Apparently this nap helps!
  • LOVED cheering on her daddy while he ran his marathon on Sunday.
Thank you auntie Becs for these pictures!!!
         Hanna Lu really liked watching the runners zoom past her.

          And giving daddy some love. 
  • Went to the pumpkin patch for the first time and also really enjoyed it; this kid is pretty observant and likes looking around at everything and everyone. 
"Lemme at that llama."
         The "farm" animals were a high point of the afternoon for her. I say "farm"     
         because are llamas really farm animals?
  • Got to meet her loving auntie Becs; this was so special.
  • Is a crazy handful, especially if she's tired, but we're so enamored of this kid. 

xoxo, natty ♥


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