Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 weeks!

Somehow I got sicker than the baby did and I'm jotting this down before heading to urgent care for, hopefully, some antibiotics. In other and lighter news...
  • Is getting over her first full-blown cold; there were/are some rough nights but she's been pretty happy during the day. Just snotty.
  • Hates getting her snot cleared out. We have this sucker thing and she cringes when she sees me coming towards her with it and is maybe eying me a bit suspiciously while daddy hasn't done any of it so he's the good guy. 
  • Is babbling; we hear lots of "dadada" and I heard a "y" tacked onto the end of it the other day, there are some "la"s and "ba"s in there too, as well as "ghee"s.
  • Is crawling everywhere, most specifically to our bookshelf. It's still an army crawl though her legs are kind of doing the crawling motion now. She also does this thing where she moves herself with her arms/hands and kind of pops up her back half. She has also taken to getting up on her feet while her hands are holding her up; kind of a downward facing dog yoga pose and it looks almost like she's trying to stand up.
  • Is enjoying more and more food; sweet potatoes are still the favorite, broccoli is not a favorite, she tried peas tonight {I mashed up each one a bit to avoid the choking fear}, and she still loves her oatmeal. We may try water in a sippy cup in the next week.
  • Is a handful; she figured out rolling over and trying to crawl in the bath yesterday...another bath time activity the baby discovered? We're practicing sitting in the bath and last night she was leaning forward, holding herself up with her hands and getting her face close to the water...and I realized she was lapping it up like a dog.
  • Finds Guinness the dog hilarious; if I can get him to put his front paws up on her stroller while she's in it we get a nice belly laugh.
  • Loves playing with board books; that's a good start, right?!!
  • Is very observant and watches everything and everyone...I think she picks up on emotions pretty well for her little age, but I could be imagining it; she might not smile as much if we're talking in a more serious tone.
  • We're loving this kid and can't wait for aunt Rebecca to meet her later this week!!!
xoxo, natty ♥


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