Tuesday, October 14, 2014

30 weeks!

This past week flew by! So let's look at the details...
Odd angles.

  • LOVES sweet potatoes/yams...and is eating more in general. In a fit of "oh, we should be getting you on food", Hanna Lu Lu has had two to three "meals" a day; each one usually has oatmeal {mixed with the milk she drinks} but before that I give her time to gnaw on/swallow a bit of whatever we have ready for her...so far she has had: plain roasted chicken breast, roasted sweet potato {and with cinnamon}, roasted carrot {a big hit, but not as big as the sweet potato}, banana {a favorite when frozen in her silicon feeder [I tossed the mesh one because it's too hard to clean the banana out of]}, a lone waffle, toast {plain}, and avocado. I don't send any food beyond the oatmeal to daycare with the babe since we're doing the whole baby-led feeding thing {no purees, just give baby a big enough chunk of the food to gum on} but maybe in a few weeks I'll ask her daycare lady about doing it this way.
  • Is totally into being up on her hands and knees though the kid's legs kind of splay out when she tries to move forward as such so most of  her movement is army crawling though she does get some hand/knee movement. Hanna Lu is not content to just sit and be, she is constantly on the move. The kid shows some desire to pull herself up at times and will definitely stand up/walk if assisted. She will occasionally be OK just hanging out on her back, playing with a toy, but that happens maybe once every other day; our infant is no longer immobile. 
  • Is enjoying different textures; she has always loved the scratchiness of our couch and ottoman, she's been big into grabbing onto my face and, if you will, decolletage area, and she's loving her sheepskin; 

Hiding under it is good too.
          we snagged it at Ikea last week {nude baby on sheepskin pictures coming soon, I'm sure}
  • Is teething; I think I see a little white spot next to her tooth which probably {hopefully} explains the fussiness and neediness of the past few days. The aforementioned frozen banana was a huge hit which makes me think it's helping with the pain.
  • Thinks Guinness is HILARIOUS. 
  • Had some rough sleep this past week {waking two to three times versus the one or none we had seen before last weekend's California trip}; I'm really hoping this irons itself out. She's definitely actually hungry when she wakes up, versus just eating for a minute before falling back asleep, so perhaps there's some growth happening, or teething, or adjusting to the new crib, or trying new foods during the day,  or still getting used to being back after vacation, or being a baby...
  • Is showing the development of a bit of separation anxiety; if she doesn't want to be left alone, she'll protest if we put her down in her play area...but then she calms down after less than a minute and realizes her toys are around her. She doesn't seem to mind being left at daycare or going to new people but I do notice a skeptical look on her face when we do so.
  • Continued consonant sounds; "dadadadada..." is still going strong but I've heard some "la"s and just this afternoon a "ma" {at least I think so!}...this babbling is very cute.
  • Is sitting up in the bath, very supervised obviously, though I'll still have her lay down at times.
  • Is hilarious and our joy;we love this baby oh so much!


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