Thursday, February 13, 2014

Going ons.

This post might be really boring to anyone who's not interested in weather or sewing. Not that any of my posts are that interesting but still.

Today was a snow day {and tomorrow has been called as well} I sewed! I finished little girl's quilt.

Despite some uneven edges and other imperfections, the pride I feel at accomplishing this project is immense; I COMPLETELY would not have predicted was just a lark I had thought I might try.
I wouldn't say that there was a hardest part, just that the whole shebang involved lots of detail and I didn't even make a pattern, just strips of fabric, so a real quilt would take a lot more thought/precision/time than this guy. I guess that the edging took the most concern but it was so much easier than I thought it would be.

The only other issue is that I think I broke my sewing machine. I was just attempting some gauzy burp cloths and after getting one sewn my machine {mostly from down below, the bobbin area if you know your way around a sewing machine} starting making a sound I could only describe as loud and bad. Then the thread got super tangled on the side of the burp cloth that faces down. The bobbin winder actually stopped working this past weekend but rather than take the time to get the machine evaluated I just bought a bunch of pre-threaded bobbins so that I could finish the quilt and it looks as though I did just in time!

I also got a wee bit of maternity substitute preparation done {I'm about 60% done getting this stuff ready}, planned out several more meals I'd like to make and freeze later this weekend {tomorrow maybe?}, took a wee nap, and enjoyed the snow that was beautiful early in the day. Then it started to rain but the snow stuck, it just got really slushy in the streets. Yuck.

IT started coming down again a few hours ago but I think it's done until maybe tomorrow night when we might get a little bit more; we'll be done with this soon I suppose, March ain't that far away!

And then, tomorrow, some very special people come here!!!!!
xoxo, natty ♥


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