Monday, February 3, 2014

Just some fast thoughts.

Monday's back side is in the right place so let's think of some other good thoughts...
1. We have a bit of family coming into town this weekend; yea for family and hanging out!

2. Both of our parents {the expectant grandparents} have purchased tickets to come and meet their granddaughter NEXT MONTH. And it's not even late next month that we're focusing on, it's early March. #thingsaremovingreallyquickly #exceptallthestuffineedtofinishforwork

3. Becs and Ellie are coming to visit NEXT WEEK!!! My excitement for this one is pretty immense. I hope you can feel it from where you are.

4. Despite the loads of school related things I need to accomplish in the next few weeks I'm feeling such a motivation and drive to work in baby related things; the practical {get her clothes washed} as well as my own lofty mother goals {sew something for her}. Hopefully this nesting urge gives me a good surge of energy and maybe a few extra hours in the day.

5. I dare say we won't have another polar vortex week here. It's not warm by any means {well, that could be argued coming from a place like college I remember feeling like the 30 to 40 degrees weather at the start of spring felt downright balmy} but I don't think we're staring down any more single and negative digit windchills for now and that's a Good Thing.

What's new with you Reader? Have you recovered from the almost-holiday that is Super Bowl Sunday? Are you looking forward to Sochi?!
xoxo, natty ♥


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