Monday, February 17, 2014

So many thoughts.

Hello from Monday nightsville!
Rebecca took this shot yesterday morning; it will have to suffice as our sole maternity photo shoot.

In these final weeks of pregnancy I have a ton going through my head but I used today's holiday to actually not dwell on them or rush to accomplish too many things.

But I did...

1. Revel in how wonderful our weekend was for two reasons:

1a. My two pals from college made it out here and like I said yesterday it buoyed my heart and spirit to be with these ladies. We missed you Emily and I love you three dearly.

1b. Some other and just as nifty friends threw us an amazing baby shower; it was a blast! And an extremely deep and heartfelt thanks goes out to those two friends {& their little doggie whom we missed}.

4. Make chicken tortilla soup; yum!!

3. Watch a good Law & Order SVU with my hubby.

4. Do a wee bit of laundry.

5. Even sneak in a nap; I figure they are limited in their remaining number so I might as well take em if I can.

Oh I'm a happy girl tonight even though it's back to the real world {a.k.a alarm clock wake-ups} tomorrow {after a five-day weekend thanks to snow days} and I hope that there's a bit of proverbial {or real!!} sunshine in your life today/tonight/this week Reader.
xoxo, natty


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