Saturday, February 1, 2014

Five dinners.

I'd been meaning to start stocking up some home-made/assembled freezer meals for the time right after we have our child and today I got a bit of a start...I didn't think I'd get much done but with a three pack of one-pound of frozen ground beef from Costco this morning, paired with some other things we had sin our pantry already, I now have five dinners waiting for us. 
Granted, this isn't the most glamorous menu but we'll be grateful for it come a busier/more harried time in our lives. Most of today's meals are the main component of a dinner and still need a bit prepared like spaghetti or other acoutrement.

So that I can remember, we've got:
1. cheeseburger pie
2. taco meat
3. spaghetti meat sauce
4. black bean pumpkin soup {this isn't actually a soup, just the ingredients all chopped up and ready to be turned into sop, minus the beans and tomatoes which are waiting in cans in the pantry}
5. chicken and rice soup {actually what we had for dinner tonight, I just made a massive double batch}.

And we can add that all to a bag of turkey noodle soup from Thanksgiving {which needs to be eaten first since it's the oldest but in my credit Thanksgiving was very late this year} and a bag of salsa ingredients ready to be processed into yumminess.

I'm so glad I have even this little collection and I also have five aluminum pans waiting to be filled with casseroles of some sort {again, not glamorous but easy and filling} and frozen away.

Have you done much freezer stockpiling Reader? Not just for postpartum time but just for life-hacking? It went much quicker than I thought it would, I'll tell you that much!
xoxo, natty ♥


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