Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy happy.

There's a bit about which to be pleased today; let's ruminate on it.

1. These bright diapers make me happy.
Look at those "clementine" colored ones!
We might be coo coo for attempting to cloth diaper but I'm very excited about giving it a try and I adore the various colors we've amassed. Some more are on their way to make this little collection complete for now. I might be changing my tune come seven months or so when little bit is eating some human food and things are getting gross but I suppose that's part of the whole parenting package.
2. When visiting my in-laws this past December I made prudent use of the pink grapefruit juice supply my father-in-law had created thanks to his fruitful orchard {one tree} in the backyard.
When everyone else was enjoying a nightly libation I mixed together club soda, a splash of Sprite {"Spite" as my family calls it}, and the pink juice and ohmygoodness if it wasn't so delicious. 

I hadn't thought about this much since we left but recently Rebecca shared she had concocted something similar and I realized that there's nothing stopping me from doing the same myself, even though I don't have grandpa-to-be's tree, some store-bought juice will make do.

And it was yummy! And really refreshing. I'll  exhaust our ginger ale supply and then maybe buy a wee bottle of Spite and some non-lime club soda and then I may be addicted.

3. I recently contributed to the local girl-scout community.
3.The two on the left are for guests that will be coming into town soon {can't imagine why} and the two on the right are for me.

4. Our child has been active today and though I'll be sad when I no longer get to experience it, I really, really love the way it feels when she's on the move in mah belly. It's an amazing sensation and I am already looking forward to the next time around {but not too soon!}.

5.Tuesday is almost here; isn't that marvelous? I think that it's really just Sunday that gets us all down; once Monday has started it's a cool slide into workday #2.

How YOU doing today Reader? Eating cookies like we are?
xoxo, natty ♥


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