Monday, February 10, 2014

I'll stop with this quilt eventually.

You won't need to hear much more about this quilt, hopefully - tonight I did the actual quilting {stitching together the three layers of the top, the inner batting, and the back},

I trimmed it all to size {it ain't gonna be huge but that's OK because babies aren't huge...actually now that I just wrote this all out I realize I might not have said much about this quilt on this here blog. I've been instagramming it but maybe I haven't blogged about it. In a nutshell - I wanted to make a quilt for my baby and I'm in the process of doing so.

I had thought it would be fun a la Young House Love to have a picture of our wee one on a different swath of fabric each week, wearing the same thing {white onesie [which is actually a trademarked/brand word like band-aid/kleen-ex/etc. - thanks to Gerber]} to show her growth.

Then I could make a quilt with a bit of each fabric on it for our kiddo.

But dang if fabric ain't expensive. So I coupon clipped and got some fabric to begin with and then decided to just make a quilt out of it and then I can do the picture each week on the quilt, same onesie, and just maybe do fun things with the left-overs. I only got half a yard of each print so there's not enough to put a baby on and take a cute picture like on the link above, not for long at least, though I could still try. But I think it's more likely I'll do something else with the left-overs, make a banner {like they did on the blog too} or perhaps some yet-un-thought-of creation.

So I'm feeling a bit lazy about looking it up on this blog to see if I've written about this project before {odds are low considering this all seems new} so please just accept my apologies if there was no context for this quilt.

Update - aha! I gained some ganas and found a post about this thing from only two days ago. There goes my mind.

Any which way, the only part left to do is the daunting binding so stay tuned, hopefully
OK moving onto what's good about Monday

1. I have some more sewing projects on my mind. Who knows if I'll really eke out some extra time but at least I have some cute, washed, and SOFT pieces of flannel.
2. Did you have any idea how near this is?
3.  I've mentioned it before but I'll say it again; THE FRIENDS ARE COMING THE FRIENDS ARE COMING!!! Barring any weather delays so hey, Old Man Winter, let them get here safely and on time!

4. I have at least one more freezer dinner I'm gonna try and whip up tomorrow night. I have most of the elements ready, actually, but I'm too tired to assemble it all, etc., so Tuesday night it'll be.

5. There were some chocolate chip cookies made and gladly consumed in the last day and I think I might need to make more; cookies are SOOOOOOO good. #howwillIeverlosethebabyweight?

Have you been enjoying any baked goods too? Any sewing projects? I hope you're well and warm this second Monday of February reader;
xoxo, natty ♥


Rebecca said...

Oh, the quilt is beautiful. Can't wait to see it (and you!) in person!!

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