Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pothole season.

In southern California they have fire season towards the end of the summer/early fall when it's still warm and the hills have dried out and flames fly easily.

I've decided that around here if/when it snows/freezes like it has been the past month, it's pothole season. I think it's the changing temperatures, icy roads, and plentiful salt/moisture; whatever it is, it's wreaking havoc on roads that weren't that great to begin with. 

I can usually spot the bad ones and remember where they are so I can avoid them but after five days of weather my commute had developed some new doozies. I drove through/over what looked and felt like a four by two feet {& maybe 8 inches deep} chunk out of the road. I'm just waiting for a tire to pop.

I'm also curious about when/how they fill in these voids; do they try to do it over night? I certainly have noticed a wee bit of improvement {weeeeeeee}; the smaller ones seem to get filled but definitely not those big axle-ruiners.

However, I am grateful to make it to and from work/home safely. I'll continue to try and avoid those road ditches and also keep my eyes on the road.
xoxo, natty ♥


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