Friday, January 3, 2014

31 weeks.

It’s 2014 – Happy New Year!!! We’re still on vacation and finishing up a wonderful time in Arizona. California was lovely and the Valley of the Sun has been too but we’re gearing up to go back and get at the day-to-day. 

There’s a certain niceness to that day-to-day PLUS we have something really big to look forward to now. I think we both had been looking forward to this break for so long but what’s great about it is that even though it’s just about over, we get to really soak in the last weeks of anticipating the arrival of our little babe. 

Anyway, on to the update!
I call this "Lounge Wear" chic.
How far along: 31 weeks

Symptoms: Some fun ones –

·      Sleep has been pretty crummy; I think I got up four or five times last night to use the facilities. Plus my hips/upper back get really sore when I sleep on just one side, which is what I’m supposed to be doing. Sometimes a few minutes of lying on my back, what I’m not supposed to be doing, is all that can make it better. Flipping over from one side to another is now a production. It feels as though this challenging sleep really just popped up starting last week. I find that keeping both of my sides propped up with blankets and pillows helps with that pain. My pregnancy pillow should be helpful once I get back to it but I think this isn’t pillow-related, I just think it’s big-belly-related.
·      There’s been some {gross} acid reflux that makes me bolt up in the middle of the night. It’s not an issue as long as I don’t eat dinner too late. The grapefruit juice faux cocktails I’ve been downing probably don’t help {pink grapefruit juice [from the back yard], sprite, and club soda = yum}.
·      I just noticed some swollen feet for the first time last night. They’re back tonight too. This is something I had been hoping to keep at bay – please let them go away!!!!!
·      There’s still that funny tingling feeling at the top of my ribcage, it sometimes has a cool sensation too.
·      Sometimes my heart feels like it’s racing a bit and my breath feels almost short but I’ve heard that’s par for the course.
·      Getting up off of soft/deep seats and out of cars has been challenging. Our car seats back in DC are a bit high up so it hadn’t been a problem up until this vacation.
·      If I need to lace up my shoes, Michael is the one to do it for me since leaning down/over is not comfortable.
·      I’ve been pretty ravenous the past few days. I read somewhere that there’s a growth spurt happening for baby this week so perhaps that’s where the hunger is coming from.

Wait gain: Still at 160, though I saw 161 yesterday. Is this OK to not really gain wait for almost a month this late? I guess maybe I’m eating a bit less than I do when I’m working so that could be it. We’ll see, then, next week if I pack on a pound or two.

Size of baby: coconut or pineapple – it’s a tropical week!

Exercise: Guinness and I have had some lovely and warm walks around the neighborhood here. We all also meandered around the Desert Botanical Gardens Monday evening to check out their holiday luminaria exhibit along with their lit-up Chihuly exhibit.

Milestones: Michael’s parents threw us a wonderful and special baby shower this week. It was co-ed and so much fun to see all of their family and friends I’ve come to know and love over the past seven years. The shower was a ton of fun, the Mexican food was delicious, and baby girl Melamed got some more adorable outfits and some good practical baby things. We are feeling so grateful and blessed and happy and we are so excited to share our little girl with all of these people in California and Arizona {& beyond!} who love her already.

What I miss
: nothing =)

Sex: GIRL!

Movement: little bit is still rolling around and she’s still in an oblique/transverse position {sideways/diagonal} so I feel her a ton on either side. Her movements are starting to hurt just a wee bit {especially when she’s in a more vertical position and my ribs get some love taps from her} but I love every single one of them. Both sides of the family have gotten to feel her moving and kicking {& see her} which has been great since and how exciting that the next time they see me she’ll be on the outside!

Thoughts/questions/concerns: I hope I don’t swell up! Especially with a flight coming up. I also think I’m going to feel pretty pooped when I go back to work since I’ve spent two weeks relaxing off of my feet.

I’m also feeling anxious about getting everything at work wrapped up so that I can focus on being a mother. I know it’s going to be a really full and busy next nine {please don’t let it be much fewer than 9!!!} weeks but I’m just SO excited to meet this girl and start life as a mom.

I’m also feeling anxious/ready to get enough clothing cleaned and ready for our child’s arrival. We have some very cute outfits and an OK stock of plain onesies but we need to finish stocking up on diapers {we’re going to go for cloth but we’ll do disposables for the first few weeks} and get some more newborn things ready to go. Is this called “nesting”

Sleep: oh yes, how could I forget I have a whole category dedicated to this? Baby brain. See above!

Goals: continue drinking water like a fish, get all of us safely back to DC, get back to work {isn’t the first day back after a break always the hardest?}, and start some serious nesting back home.

Random: Arizona has been a WONDERFUL vacation for us and it will be sad to say adiós but, like I said, there’s a lot to look forward to in the next few months.

xoxo, natty ♥


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