Friday, January 17, 2014

33 weeks.

January is half gone and our due date is, for all intents and purposes, the end of's actually March 7th but I keep thinking about how all I have to do is get to the end of February. This means that we’re getting close {but not too close} to meeting this child of ours. In other news this week, we both stayed pretty really {think tuna melt and sandwich dinners} busy at work and I had another appointment with the midwife. And now, without further adieu, a bit of an update.
How far along: 33 weeks


·      Nesting has set in but it’s at battle with some third trimester exhaustion that’s rearing its ugly head. I was never as bone-tired as I read I would be in my first trimester but I think I’m getting some of it now. It was actually worse last week and I forgot to write it down, and it could also have been from a really busy week right after getting back from break, but I’ve gotten some good sleep this week and these eyes still try to close when they need to be open.
·      Baby’s hiccupping which I can feel low down in my tummy, though they’re not too frequent.
·      I’m hungry hungry hungry!!!! And still craving protein.
·      The soles of my feet still hurt, as does my upper back/shoulder. It’s the worst when I’m driving, which I do almost two hours a day, so I end up doing some funny {but safe!} arm, shoulder, and neck stretches while I’m commuting.
·      I’m smelling things really strongly. This has been one that has come and gone, or maybe I’ve noticed it at times and then not at others. I could smell tuna that had been eaten hours earlier in our apartment.
·      I’ve been HOT this week. I read somewhere that my metabolic rate is raging this week, hence the heat.
·      The baby might have dropped a bit; I thought I had felt it and then someone at work remarked on it but in looking at pictures and thinking about it, I think it’s just her position of the day that maybe makes me look like I’m carrying slightly higher or slightly lower. 

Wait gain: 166

Size of baby: a durian fruit {they’re the stinky ones, I’m pretty sure} or a pineapple.

Exercise: some walking and I got in a great trek around the mall last weekend.

Milestones: hitting 33 weeks and also getting some drawers filled with clothes for little girl. They all need to be washed still but I got them out of the suitcase and box {from travel since our showers [thank you SO MUCH friends and families]} and into drawers according to size.

What I miss
: nothing =)

Sex: it’s a girl.

Movement: she’s still at it. I think she’s been in a good head-down position though I still feel her creeping over to my sides. Some days are a bit slower and others she’s more active, which is how she’s always been.

Thoughts/questions/concerns: getting everything washed/set up for her which means we need to haul out a bunch of our crud in our apartment. By “haul out” I mean clean and clear. There is very little storage in our spacious one bedroom {I’m not being facetious; it really does feel spacious because of an open floor plan and lots of windows}. There’s such little time during the work week, if any, so it’s down to weekends for us to get our act together. The pack n’ play should be set up too, and we need to get her cars eat put in…I think we might get the car cleaned and try to do that last task this weekend.

Sleep: not too shabby. I’ve really come to love my pregnancy pillow.

Goals: same as last week – drink water, walk more, keep working. And get some stuff in order at work for when I leave, or at least start to, and get that car seat ready.

Random: I have a birthday coming up; I get to turn the age I’ll be when I have my first child. And there’s a three-day weekend ahead of me, how lovely!

xoxo, natty ♥


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