Sunday, January 12, 2014


To continue educating my friend about where we live, we headed down to the monuments today. It wasn't that cold, in the 50s I think, and the sun felt nice when it wasn't playing chase with the clouds.

I didn't take any pictures mostly because I feel so bulky these days and getting out my phone is just, eh.

But! We saw some great things...a start at the Washington Monument took us over to the World War II memorial, followed by a walk around the tidal basin to get to the FDR memorial. Then we checked out the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, which I always love. Our next stop was the Korean War Memorial, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, and finally the Vietnam War Memorial.

That seems like a lot!! I guess it's ok that I was totally pooped afterwards? It's always nice to get down and enjoy the history and meaningfulness that's all around us.

And now, on to the workweek; I wish us all luck!!
xoxo, natty ♥


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