Friday, January 24, 2014

34 weeks.

We’re in the middle of another polar vortex. Yippee skipee. And I’m now a 30 year-old woman; whoa! It’s been a great week of being at home and enjoying our apartment’s heater. I also caught Michael’s cold in the past two days And to give an update…
How far along: 34 weeks


·      The nesting urge is still there but I’m working hard to funnel that energy into getting substitute plans ready which counts as nesting {right?}. But it was real hard to sit and work all during my two snow days this week instead of washing cute newborn outfits and putting together our pack n’ play.
·      A few cramps here and there but only if I don’t drink enough water.
·      I feel really uncomfortable anytime I get up off of the couch or out of a chair I’ve been sitting in for a while…I’m not quite sure if this is pregnancy relate? But if my “condition” causes muscles and ligaments to relax, maybe it does.
·      Our daughter has been pressing on my bladder a lot; it could be that she’s getting bigger and there’s less space in there. Whatever the reason, it’s almost unbearable if I’ve been drinking a lot {of water!}, which I almost always am!
·      My upper back/shoulders hurt sooooooo bad. Laying down on my sides {is there any other way now?!} is the only thing that seems to help. Driving really exacerbates it. I was wondering maybe if it is le bébé pressing on a nerve but I think it’s the extra weight I’ve been lugging around for almost eight months.
·      That funny tingly feeling at the top of my rib cage has never gone away; though it’s been less frequent this week than before.
·      I have an outie belly button! I’ve had this situation going on for quite a while, I just never mentioned it!

Wait gain: 166…same as last week

Size of baby: a cantaloupe or a butternut squash.

Exercise: a bit of walking here and there; I ventured out several times during my snow days and also puttered around the mall for a while today…which I’m counting {my how times have changed}.

Milestones: I’m now the age I’ll be when we have our little one…that’s pretty cool to me. I

What I miss
: nothing =)

Sex: there is one girl inside of me.

Movement: baby’s going around and around in there. I’m still feeling here in a sideways position, though not too often. I don’t think she dropped like I mentioned last week but she certainly is going at my bladder; when said organ is full it makes walking really uncomfortable!

Thoughts/questions/concerns: we did not get the car seat set up last week and we actually might wait a few more weeks since we drive people around here and there and the car seat takes up prime backseat real estate. I also want to make sure I feel like I have enough newborn clothing around. And the pack n’ play! Since that will be her bed, I feel an urge to get it going.

Sleep: though my pillow is still great, I’m waking up every two hours to use the bathroom and to flip over. And all that relaxin makes for some gross mouth breathing. Boo.

Goals: get a couple of pieces of furniture at Ikea, continue working on my substitute plans for work, maybe start washing the newborn clothes, and maybe get the pack n’ play started.

Random: I’m looking forward to this cold setting sail and towards the temperatures outside to creep up a bit higher than what they’re at. 

Also, I got a bit freaked out today when a coworker mentioned that in three weeks I'll be full term. Obviously we want our daughter to cook for the whole six weeks we've got left, it's kind of intimidating to think that in half that time she'd be's true that she'd likely be very OK if she were to come now but I also calculated how early I cango out at work and it's only two weeks prior to my due date {& even that's a stretch!} so she reallllllly needs to stay put!!

xoxo, natty ♥


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