Monday, January 6, 2014

Pre-requisite temperature shot.

We're staying up a bit later than we had planned to because we got wrapped up in the BCS championship game. In other news...

1. Here's what I mentioned in the post's title:
I sincerely hope that those without a warm home are able to find shelter this evening and that people stay safe tonight. I am very grateful for our little apartment and the furry dog that helps to keeps us warm.

2. Is this nesting? I'm feeling some major motivation to actually get baby-related things done. Note the "baby-related". #ihatemultitasking

3. We all three made it home safely from Arizona; I always breath a deep sigh of relief upon returning home.

4. My dad and stepmom are safe after their brush with a large and unfortunate buck last week; this was a big scare and could've turned out much worse than the minimal car damage that happened and we're all relieved.

5. Michael, Guinness, and I had such a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time visiting out families and friends in California and Arizona. We are so lucky that we had the time and were able to fly to those faraway {to us, at least} places to spend time with those who love us {and whom we love dearly!}. This was a true blessing and, again, we are very grateful. 

How are you today Reader? Wrangling with nasty cold temperatures as well? Happy to have had a bit of a respite over the holidays?
xoxo, natty ♥


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