Monday, January 27, 2014


We're about to get another couple of days of frigid temperatures so let's think about something happy tonight.

1. Using some long-saved wedding gift cards, paying a bit more, and taking advantage of a free-shipping sale we snagged ourselves this pretty lady. 
Don't mind the clutter everywhere {cooler, camp chairs, and Maker's Mark [a baby shower gift, actually] in the background}.
This is exciting because our old guy was a much smaller {but still useful!} capacity and this makes salsa making a breeze since the recipe I use is a big batch. 

Plus I hear there's a ton more we can do with our new toy. Not that we were languishing prior, we could make-do just fine with a smaller food processor or nothing, even, but I do enjoy some kitchen play.

2.  I'm noshing on a toasted peanut butter and raspberry jelly sandwich. I wouldn't call this a legitimate craving, but it's something I've been loving for the past week. Really loving.

3. Not pictured amongst the small appliances I also got a replacement carafe for our blender. I broke the old one and that husband of mine didn't realize it's possible to order just one replacement piece instead of scrapping it all and getting a new blender; huzzah!

4. I got in a video chat with my beautiful Fencey friend last week. I love that girl.♥

5. This is my last Monday in January without a child. This sounds weird not that I've written it out and read it. But I still think it's really exciting!

I hope you're well today, reader, and staying warm. Unless you're back home in California and then I'm just slightly jealous of you.
xoxo, natty ♥


E. Strand said...

it was really the best thing! by the way, looking forward to the salsa....... wink wink

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