Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mental challenges.

Who knew that being about eight months pregnant and working at the same causes one's mind to be pulled in various and many places {distractions much?}?

Now I do!

I think I'm simultaneously trying to nest, keep up with school work, and stay awake; that exhaustion everyone says happens in the first part of pregnancy that never really hit me seems to be rearing its head these days - I'm pooped! But it's all for a good cause and it was just yesterday that I was talking about how darn quickly these days seem to be passing.

In other random news to add to this hodge podge of a post, our poor little apartment is going through some stuff; it's slowly recovering from our travel {after a really busy first week back suitcases are being emptied} and quickly being taken over by baby stuff. I have a plan of places for everything to go {and everything in its place!} but I think we actually have to buy a few of those actual places {Ikea} and we have some other things to get organized/put away. At least there's a vision!

Anyway, my apologies for a not very interesting post but such is life these days!
xoxo, natty ♥


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