Saturday, January 25, 2014


Following a tradition that dates back to last year, today we went bowling for my birthday.
But unlike all other bowling experiences I've ever had, this was different - we went duckpin bowling. This iteration of bowling is unique to several states in the northwest, Mayland/DC, and, according to Wikipedia, Wisconsin {?}.

You can't really see it in this poorly taken picture but with duckpin bowling things are different - the pins are smaller, there is only one bowling ball available to everyone {it's about the size and color and weight of a coconut} and it has no holes, each player gets three rolls per turn {since the pins are lighter and smaller it's harder to get them all down}, and the pins don't reset after each roll {which makes things go a wee bit faster and is  really satisfying for an inpatient person}. 

It was my first time bowling duckpin and even though I was no better at it than at ten-pin {regular}bowling {which is pretty crummy}, I had so much fun with the smaller ball that I could almost throw down the lane. It was fun learning a few good techniques because what works in regular bowling doesn't always knock down the pins in duckpin. Plus it's always fun to hang out at a bowling alley.

Then we went to Chevy's for dinner because I felt like having a thoroughly suburban celebration, probably a by-product of living in a city surrounded by all sorts of people swooning over the next greatest new restaurant.

All in all, it was exactly the kind of cumpleaños celebration I wanted {low-key} and I'll always look back fondly on my 30th  birthday.
xoxo, natty ♥


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