Monday, January 20, 2014

A big week.

So this is "happening here".
Weather never really pans out the way it's hyped up to.

But, school is cancelled and I'll not say "no" to another sleep in and some free hours to catch up on work.

And even though it'll end up feeling like a short week, there's a big thing happening...

1. I get to turn 30! I haven't thought about it much yet but I'll get there.

2. Snow is exciting, if it really happens, so here's to hoping!

3. I get to go bowling for my birthday this upcoming weekend! And go to Chevy's!! That's what I chose and let's not question an almost-30 pregnant woman.

4. Some friends are coming to visit us next month which I'm really looking forward to...hey friends! We're really excited about your visit!!

5. After this next mini polar vortex/snow storm, I'll start looking forward to Spring {it's a magic word!!!}...even though it's only 20s and 30s with one day that calls for 40  degrees in the 10-day forecast, February is fast approaching and days will get longer and then GREEN.

And a peaceful MLK day to you.
xoxo, natty ♥


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