Tuesday, September 2, 2014

24 weeks.

So evolution is some crazy powerful stuff because loving something like we love this kiddo is intense and not anything I ever could've imagined.
How funny is that pointed foot.
 In other, lighter news...
I had to include this one for her little thumbs-up and that beautiful wide smile.
  • Crazy feet; I meant to mention this last week but the kid moves her legs/feet like nothing else especially when in her car seat and sometimes when I put her down back to sleep in the middle of the night. When she's hanging out on her back in her play area she'll also pick up her legs and bring them down hard on the ground. She's actually let up a bit this week, now that I write it out, but she's still doing it.
  • Hand "scraping"; HL will kind of scratch the couch when we have her there with us and has recently taken to frantically doing the same thing to her bottle when we're trying to feed her. I'm wondering if it's because of the texture of her bottle; it has a silicone "sleeve" that can maybe be pleasant for a little baby to explore with her hands.
  • Speaking of eating, Hanna Lu had some baby cereal that was a mixture of oats/spelt/barley while visiting our friends. She totally dug it. She's still working her way through a box of rice cereal we have here though and she seems to really like it, though I think I might phase it out since it seems to ahem stop her up. When she turns six months which is in two short weeks {where does the time go?!?!?!} we'll start her on real food anyway.
  • And still speaking of eating, the child is majorly distracted when it comes to eating and getting her to finish a bottle is a chore; I'm not sure if she just needs to eat less often now or what but kid isn't into her meals, except for that rice cereal stuff.
  • This babe is major into face grabbing...it's kind of adorable until it hurts.
  • This babe is also major into just everything; she's SUPER squirmy when we try to change her diaper or get her dressed. Anything within her reach is fair game but she's inching/scooting even more than last week and she knows how to get to where she wants so I guess it's more like anything within a several foot radius is fair game. We need some baby gates soon to lock her into her side of the living room area.
  • Rolling, rolling, rolling.
  • This baby is always smiling and laughing if she's not screeching because she's tired. The screech is so cute and funny but we now know it means some tiredness is a lurking. She'll also rub her face against us when she's tired.
  • Hanna has been doing what we're calling The Beyoncé/Stanky leg; while being bottle fed or sometimes while nursing, she will bend one leg over and over and again in kind of a dance move. She may or may not grab onto her foot while doing so.
  • She traveled to Pennsylvania for the first time and got to meet some good friends Michael made in Peace Corps. 
I don't know what I was doing here.
         Hanna Lu also met their son who is five months older than she is; they both
         tried to grab each other's face/hair - love at first sight. Our friends happen
         to be in charge of/live with eight eight-to-ten-year-old girls who, for the most
         part, were really into holding Hanna and hugging her.
Just enjoying a blanket outside in Hershey, PA.
         We were even asked if we could take our friends' baby and leave
         Hanna there. That request was left unmet.

xoxo, natty ♥


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