Tuesday, September 23, 2014

27 weeks.

It's been a busy few days! So let's see what's up in babyland...
  • Hanna Lu had her six-month check-up today; we have a healthy baby who was very sad to get her shots today {check out her leg band-aids!} - she got an extra one in the form of flu shot.
  • Is starting to show some stranger...not danger, but she's definitely more quiet with new people all of a sudden. In a similar vein, Hanna Lu will get so happy when she sees or hears me at daycare in the afternoons but unless I go to get her immediately she starts to fuss and cry - which makes things difficult because I need to go get her stuff and collect her little daily report card.
  • This child has also started to show some signs of "personality"; she will cry/fuss if we take away something that she wants...a spoon she was eating with, the water scoop in her bath, etc. 
  • Hanna Lu is crawling up a storm still. She even got herself stuck between the couch 
         and ottoman yesterday.
  • The baby can sit unassisted for a bit but will still topple over if she gets excited and moves her arms too much.
  • She had a wee bit of avocado this past weekend and seemed unimpressed but still wanted more; we'll legitimately try it out this weekend. Hanna Lu is still loving her oatmeal.
  • Enjoyed her first baseball game...

         she made it to the 8th inning!
  • The kid will make this cute clicking sound with her tongue/mouth and she'll even mimic it if we start making the sound first.
  • So many smiles for daddy and Guinness.
  • Enjoyed swinging in the park for the first time!
           Grandma and Zaide took her and I got a chance to do it the next day...
           baby really liked it and let us know with smiles and laughs.
  • We're enjoying this baby so so much!
xoxo, natty ♥


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