Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baby Percy.

Hanna Lu seems to be a bit under the weather tonight, far later than I had anticipated what with starting daycare about a month ago. So I went to CVS to get some saline drops for her and found this gem.
Why take this, ingesting even more, when one is suffering from "fullness"?
Oh Baby Percy, always overdoing it.

We also went to a Gymboree class today, before I realized she wasn't feeling too hot {there was a very uninspired leader and I was pretty "meh" about it all considering we can have the same fun for free at the library's story time [though another mom there said that this leader-lady is new and that it's usually much better]}, and walked around the neighboring H & M afterwards {baby's idea, I swear}.
Honestly, this store is always a disgusting wreck and it's not just this location. But I still go in, feel annoyed each time, though I know better, and purchase something. I ended up with nothing today, though, mostly because my back started to hurt from wearing that child of mine, and walked the half mile home as quickly as I could to get her off of me and into her bed for a much needed nap. 

Let's hope baby feels better and that this week doesn't do me in quite as wickedly as last week did.
xoxo, natty ♥


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