Tuesday, September 16, 2014

26 weeks.

Someone's going to be six months old later this week {two days from now!}...and in other news:
  • She is scooting EVERYWHERE. We're soon going to be getting a baby gate to cordon her off from dangerous things/the hard floor {though she's kind of figured out that when she's scooting/army crawling around she can roll over softer so as to avoid conking her head plus she's better at not getting her arm caught under her body now}.
  • Related to the above point, this kid is curious about seemingly everything. She stares at people and out the car window when we drive and wants to grab and "eat" everything she can get her hands on. 
"I want that".
         Her dad's aluminum water bottle is especially tempting. We love this    
         about our daughter and hope to see her continue to be excited about so
         many of the things around her.
  • Seems to be working her way through her first set of sniffles...any under-the-weather-ness, actually. There is some nose congestion and her sleep/eating has been a wee bit off and she maybe seems a bit more serious but other than that our little girl is a champ.
  • Really goes for the actual thumb-sucking vs. hand and finger sucking. She also is a huge toe sucker when in the bath. Seriously, the second I lay her down that kid practically folds in half and gets those toes in her mouth.
  • Will maybe try some actual food this weekend; avocado or sweet potato perhaps.
  • She can kind of shake things now; she makes this motion with her hand/fingers like she's trying to touch her wrist. She'll also bang things onto the table when she's in her highchair or on the floor.
  • The raspberry blowing. Baby started doing this a couple of weeks ago, actually, and especially loves doing so into her bottle or with a mouth full of cereal if she has decided she's no longer hungry. It's annoying if we're trying to feed her but absolutely adorable.
  • Still screeching like a creaky door; this seems to be something she does when she's tired...better this than crying! I still find it funny-sounding so I'm OK with it all.
  • Sitting up on her own better and better each day. I'm still not confident enough to leave her up on a firm surface {the floor} but surrounded by pillows is cool if we're not hovering around to catch her when she falls over {I swear we won't be those overprotective parents, I just don't want her to hurt that noggin!}.
  • Still enjoys her exersaucer and playmat, though she is totally content to just crawl around.
  • Really loves her Fisher-Price stacking toy {the classic one with the plastic donuts of varying size that stack on a little column}. Taking the rings off and chewing on the base column is her favorite.
  • Is going to see her grandparents this weekend! And another set in a few short weeks!!
  • Has a larger play space; we ordered more of the foam alphabet tiles we had to make a bigger crawl space for Hanna Lu which for now just looks like a big rainbow part of our living room but when we baby-gate that part off, it'll make more sense. This is also good for head bonking.
  • Went to Gymboree for the first time; library story time is better and free so we may not be going back.
  • Is SUCH a distracted eater. What's new?
  • Thinks her dog/brother is HILARIOUS. We got some of the best and most unprovoked giggles from this girl the other day when Guinness was running around.
  • We can't get enough of Hanna Lu!
xoxo, natty ♥


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