Monday, September 22, 2014


In a total fail this afternoon, after much planning and rushing and schedule coordinating {& driving through gnarly Monday afternoon DC traffic}, Michael and I got ourselves and our crying, dirty {after dousing herself in milk and crawling around daycare all day [what I imagine she must do while I'm at work]}, and exhausted baby to her 5 PM pediatrician check-up {it was 5:15 when we arrived}. And we were told that it's at 5 PM tomorrow

So, in some positive news...

1. I love my husband; he got me some lovely flowers last weekend that are still hanging around and I just love him.

2. Our child brings us humor.
Like when she got herself stuck between the couch and ottoman because she's been crawling way too early for our liking and today was chasing after a toy she kept flinging out of her reach and going after.

3. We've got some beautiful weather in the works this week.

4. I tried a few times in July to run and just couldn't really find the time desire but now I'm feeling some actual, organic want/need to crank out some miles. Now, just to find those extra three hours a day...

5. We have a quick little California trip on the schedule next week; WOO HOO!

How's your week Reader? Do you laugh at your children/pets/significant others/family?
xoxo, natty ♥


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