Saturday, September 13, 2014

Here came the rain.

Oh goodness was there ever a more appreciated Saturday?!?! 

I had grand plans of library story time this morning {there's a Saturday one at our local library...DC local [we're eversoclose to the border]} and I forwent purchasing caffeine {it's in the opposite direction} so that Hanna Lu could make it one time {it so happened that she took her nap early enough that she was awake in time to get to the thing} and we got there to find a "cancelled" sign. There broke my working mama's heart. So I jay-walked across the street to McDonald's to get a McCafé instead. Which was almost a good enough replacement. The rain started as I was paying my $1.46 or whatever bargain it is and I decided to brave it since it's only a half-mile walk and it was quite temperate.

And we spend the rest of our day doing baby-mama things; going down for a nap, eating, playing, screeching, army-crawling, and getting ready for a friend coming over for dinner.

Seriously, I needed this day of nothingness and I'm so glad to crawl into bed and have an entire other day ahead of us.

Cheers to being boring in order to feed the psyche!!
xoxo, natty ♥


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