Thursday, September 25, 2014


This is a totally vapid post but also something that's been weighing on me for quite a while now...

I think I have greasy eyelids? For as long as I can remember my eyeliner runs down below my eyes giving me a racoony look, at the very best.

I've used pencils for the longest time with some breaks in between of liquid liner as well as an eyeliner brush wetted with water and darkened with black eyeshadow {does that description even make sense?}...pencils are the easiest but with every pencil I've used I'm wiping the space under my eye within an hour of applying the stuff...this is so vexing to me. I don't love the lines that liquid applicators provide and the whole wet brush and black eyeliner thing requires time and space, something that isn't available when finishing up make-up in the parking lot at school. Recently, though, I've been so peeved with the whole dingy look that I'm looking to experiment with something new.

I decided to give liquid a try again {it had been years} so I splurged on two drugstore options.
Revlon Colorstay
I like the brush shape
The color is a good matte black that I like
Goes on fairly easily
My undereyes are dark within an hour...BOO
Hard to wash off...I have major racoon eyes unless I use a heavy-duty makeup remover

Maybelline Revue Master Duo
Stays on pretty well
Comes off pretty well too, almost in a strip

Looks almost shiny
Brush is this funky flat shape? So that it can give you a wide effect or a thin line if you use it on the thin side

A friend recommended a pricier mall-brand eyeliner which I'm dying to try but I'm convinced that I'm screwed; even with brushing on powder and/or makeup setting spray after applying the eyeliner I've never had luck so I'm hesitant to spend money on any pricier eyeliner. But, these two above got some good ratings according to the internet and if even they don't work that well then what should I do? The frustrating part is that I feel as though no other woman has this problem; I never see anyone with grey/black under-eyes like mine.

Maybe I'll invest in the $$ version just for kicks and then I'll be back for more critiques, but until then I'm sticking it out with these two, merely out of cheapness. Darn these greasy eyelids!
xoxo, natty ♥


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