Tuesday, September 30, 2014

28 weeks!

We've got a fun and busy few days ahead of us so let's see what this kid's up to this week!
Notice that paw?

  • Making tons of "scheeeeeeee" sounds; almost like a hiss...Hanna seems to do this when she's happy!
  • Crawling and crawling and crawling; she's up on her hands and knees now and rocking back and forth but the actual movement comes from her army crawling.
  • She had banana, avocado, and some bread; she was really into the process but didn't quite swallow very much and that's OK.
  • Still loving her oatmeal mixed with milk.
  • Is starting to exhibit some separation anxiety; it's almost annoying...HL will cry if I walk away when she doesn't want me to. She doesn't cry when I leave her at daycare in the morning but when I get there in the afternoon if she sees me before I have a chance to pick her up and I try to gather her things the babe gets fussy.
  • Is having her last day at the current daycare; they have to close for not a bad reason but that means that Hanna Lu will go to a new daycare, also in a home, a bit closer to where I work, and with one of her friends from the current place.
  • Will stand up quite strongly when we hold her.
  • Can sit ever so nicely but I still won't leave her alone like this because after a bit she topples over. 
  • Had a weird night on Sunday; cried when I put her down which she doesn't do anymore so we got her up and fed her a bit. The baby seemed sniffly so we got out the congestion which did not go over well and we decided that maybe she was catching a real cold (the last incident didn't really happen). I put her down again and she cried even more. When we picked her up she was SO snot faced and we felt horrible. After some more congestion-relief and calming, we decided to try again. The funny thing is that she was totally cool after we picked her up and we were hanging out - smiling and laughing and happy. When we finally put her down, it was two hours past her bedtime which is not bad considering it was 8:30 - she slept almost instantly - but we both freaked out a bit until Monday night's bedtime because we didn't want to think that our baby was settling into a new and loud habit.
  • Is cracking us up on the daily!

xoxo, natty ♥


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