Tuesday, September 9, 2014

25 weeks.

September keeps chugging along and let's see what else is up...

  • Hand waving...she's doing this funny thing, usually when she eats but sometimes if she's just laying there, where she's actually noticing her hands...like "woah, these fingers are aawwwwweesome".
  • Lots of squawking and shrieking and creaking and wonderful sounds.
  • Loving her "solid" food...we do this multigrain oatmeal/barley thing that I mix with milk and it's quite the hit...even if she's DONE with any milk, this baby will go to town on the oatmeal. She also loves her spoons.
  • We are scooting more and more each day...what an inch worm!! She often gets her arm stuck under her for a second as she's moving forward and then she swoops down to the side where her arm is stuck...when she's on her play mat it's fine because it's a soft landing but she's now reaching the hardwood floor and that's definitely not a soft landing.
  • Baby got to meet Aunt Maeve {& got gifted a glorious pink tutu and Chicago skyscraper onesie}...what a joy to introduce our daughter to another dear friend.
  • The see me ROLLING - this kid will stay on her back for a fraction of a second after being placed down. This:

Red knees from all that scootching/crawling/inching around.

    is how our weekly photo shoot has started out for a while now...then it quickly        
    turns to this: 

      and I"ll finally get her to notice the camera and all is well for mom's picture    

  • Still a finicky milk drinker...that's alright because she gets in enough but it's a process; good thing day care gets to enjoy this part of Hanna rearing. Her new thing to do whilest not really taking her bottle very well is blow bubbles in-between sips and back into the bottle; the child is blowing bubbles into her milk at an early age, in my opinion.
  • She LOVES soft toys; stuffed animals and blankies and anything she can grab onto - baby still goes for Sophie the Giraffe but she loves the softies.
  • We, on the other hand, love this baby...stuffies, softies, and Sophie are great but Hanna Lu is totally the bees' knees to us!  

xoxo, natty


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