Thursday, September 18, 2014

6 months!

Oooooooh Happy Half-Birthday little Lu!!! It’s been a BUSY and tiring month what with work and daycare but we’re still so happy and this baby gets to be more and more fun each day…what else?
How old: six months

Weight: at least 16 pounds, if not more…she was 16.4 pounds the other day.

·      Kiddo still loves her facetime…she also really wants to get that phone/ipad…really badly!!!
·      Crawling! This kid is just now getting up to her knees and hands/forearms and rocking back and forth but she army crawls up a storm all over the place – we’re going to get a baby gate and section off a part of our apartment for her and we already got another foam alphabet/number mat pack to extend her play/crawl space.
·      Looking at/being with the other babies and kiddos at daycare…when I get there to pick her up and before she sees me, if she’s not crawling around on her own, the baby loves having these other kiddos around her.
·      Baby oatmeal…HL is really into this spelt/barley mix and I make it with her milk.
·      Creaking; this child makes a creaky door sound when she’s tired, usually in the car on the way to daycare.
·      Playing with her toys; Hanna adores a plastic ring-stacking toy.
·      Books, board books actually, are a big hit with this baby.
·      She still likes her exersaucer and especially the crab who lives on it; her favorite is slurping on his ribbon legs.
·      Music..the baby likes her Baby Einstein classical music/animal/meet the orchestra cd I play in the car for her and gets excited {smiles and pumps her legs} when she hears the music on her exersaucer and playmat.
·      Rolling over and crawling away; changing her diaper or putting on clothes has become very challenging because baby just wants to roll over and scoot away.
·      She’s still a fan of her pacifier; Hanna Lu will usually take one when going down to sleep and she’ll often use it when in the car. If she’s tired she’ll keep one in while playing.
·      If not using a pacifier, this kid puts everything into her mouth.
·      She REALLY wanted the camera battery this afternoon; it was plugged into its charger which was plugged into the wall and it’s just above her reach-range. She tried SO HARD to get at it and was trying with each arm over and over again to no avail and I laughed at her the whole time. I imagine this might be how she’ll learn to pull herself up – wanting to get at something just up and out of her reach.

·      Milk, still. This kid, I predict, will never be big on milk/bottle drinking. She’ll take a sip or two and then turn her head. Then she repeats the process.
·      When I get to daycare to pick her up, if she sees me and I try and do anything before going to her and picking her up; this baby starts to cry if I walk away from her.

·      Holy moly what crawling!!! This kid scoots EVERYWHERE and always has red knees.
·      I think little bit got her first little cold last week; she seemed a bit out of it for a couple of days, sniffly {especially in the middle of the night snack session}, and had one night of crummy sleep; I had expected this far earlier than this so I’m grateful for six months of healthy baby.
·      Hanna Lu got to meet a lot of coworkers at our back to school dinner late in August.

Sleep and eat:
·      Baby is ready for and in bed by seven each night, sometimes earlier or a wee later. Usually we have one wake-up between two and four AM to eat and then again between 5:30 and 7, if left to her own devices; for work, we have to get her up by 6:!5. I’d like to wean her off of this night-time eating, though I’m OK doing it still since I like her to eat as much as she can and it doesn’t bother me so we might not change anything.
·      Kiddo eats between 14 and 28 ounces of milk a day at daycare and then she nurses when we get home at around 4:30 in the afternoon, once before bed, once in the middle of the night {see above}, and then once around 6 to 6:30 in the morning…I’m not sure how reluctant/challenging of an eater she is at daycare but she is not the most enthusiastic about eating her milk…but that’s not new.
·      But she does enjoy her baby oatmeal!

·      Baby is still wearing her cloth diapers on the smallest setting and will wear size three disposable diapers.
·      Hanna Lu will still wear 3-6 month clothes but also fits quite nicely in 6-month clothes. i haven’t tried anything bigger on her.
·      Grandma and Zaide are visiting this weekend {they just got here!} and we’re so happy to see them!
·      Hanna Lucy has her second trip to California in the works this upcoming month; woo hoo!!!!
·      This baby gets to meet her aunt Rebecca soon!!!!! And she got to meet aunt Maeve this past month; what a lucky girl to have such loving friends and family!

xoxo, natty ♥


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