Friday, October 14, 2011

After "The Run".

When done running 19 miles, this señora appreciates nothing more than a good meal followed by an even better nap.
After I arose from the dead, as mentioned yesterday, we broke the fast with the family and friends of our hosts; it was lovely.
Sunday morning we all shared another meal, brunch. We walked to our original dining destination, right next door to the kindly sandwich shop. This place, apparently, is a staunch and rabid supported of October's main holiday {not Veteran's day, unfortunately}; Halloween was EVERYWHERE. 
Do you see the child being seated? He actually was excited about it all much unlike the other nearby youngins adults.

I kind of loved it.

I loved the creepy mummy army staring us down.

I LOVED this nasty gremlin/goblin creature. 
It's not a box-body, it's actually enveloping a tombstone.

Aaaaaand these things really did kind of gross me out.
Photobucket   Photobucket

There were even baby Freddy Kruegers hanging from the ceiling in one particular corner of the patio but I failed to capture them on film cellphone camera. Anyway, the establishment was deemed "too gory" for a late morning {proudly not by yours truly!} meal so we schlepped across the street to a less spooky place that had guavosas which are like mimosas but with guava juice and not oj...yum!
I snapped a picture of this place for my dad.

Day two in southern cali was lovely and we headed that night to the minimoon portion of the weekend...more on that mañana.
Also, not one nor two but THREE of our friends {couples making that six individuals in case you're counting} welcomed their first born in the past week {and all boys too!}; sooooooo many heartfelt and warm congratulations go out to them...way to go guys & gals, the babies are so handsome!
Peace Love and Friday.
xoxo, natty ♥


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